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Wildlife Holidays in Romania

About ibis Tours

Since 1995 your ground agent for Wildlife Holidays and Tours in Romania’s Danube Delta, Dobrogea and Carpathian Mountains.

We specialize in wildlife tours, helping you to see lots of interesting wild “things”, in a non-pressured, fun, atmosphere. Our expert leaders are both passionate about wildlife and comfortable with people. Let us show you how fascinating and spectacular Romanian wildlife can be!

Custom Travel Experiences

You do not need to be an experienced traveler to enjoy our trips.

Traveling with Ibis Tours is a rewarding experience for all, from the dedicated ‘twitcher’ and wildlife enthusiast to those less familiar with wild things. The only requirement is a keen interest in nature! Not only will a tour with Ibis be a great holiday, but it can also be a rewarding learning experience.

Ibis Tours - Custom Birdwatching and wildlife-watching tours

Our tours aim to:

Provide a first-class guided experience and be a holiday-of-a-lifetime experience for all participants.

Take in as much of the wildlife as possible without becoming overly rushed and exerting.

Provide a high-quality guided experience, with particular emphasis on specific areas of natural history, such as birds, mammals, botany, butterflies and dragonflies.

Contribute significantly to conservation through tourism.

Ibis Tours

A medium-sized company organizing Wildlife Holidays and Tours in in Romania’s Danube Delta, Dobrogea and Carpathians since 1995. The company is owned by Costica Vadineanu and Daniel Petrescu who have spent most of their lives – a combined total of 60 years between them – in the Danube Delta. Time enough indeed to explore its wonders and solve many of its mysteries.

>> Since early 90’s, Ibis Tours has been the main ground agent in the Danube Delta and Dobrogea used by foreign companies visiting Romania for Wildlife Holidays and Tours

>> Ibis Tours organizes a great variety of Wildlife Holidays and Tours in the Danube Delta and Dobrogea and extends tours to take in the Carpathians for the observation of bears and wolves. Cultural aspects are, however, never forgotten.

Ibis Tours employs around 20 local people, all born and brought up in and around the Danube Delta. Many of our employees were experienced and enthusiastic naturalists before they joined us. However, even those who did not come from a background in natural history have had an interest in, and an enthusiasm for, wildlife conservation kindled by meeting visiting naturalists from abroad. So by joining one of our Wildlife Holidays or Tours , you are not just ‘paying the wages’ of local people, you are helping to broaden the interests of our experienced naturalists and elevating the status of fledgling ones. Albeit in a small way, you are also helping to raise the profile of wildlife conservation in Romania at large.

During these years our company has build up a well-deserved reputation for the quality of the services it offers. Ibis Tours has its own means of transportation (bus and boats) and 2 floating hotels that can provide our clients with all the comfort of home during any of our Wildlife Holidays or Tours.




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Guided birding tours in Romania, observing rare species of birds from the mountains to the Black Sea and the Danube Delta


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We make sure you have a great experience in Romania by choosing great hotels and using our own four stars floating hotels in the Danube Delta


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